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Zoom New Zealand Wool Rug
Zoom New Zealand Wool Rug
Zoom New Zealand Wool Rug
Zoom New Zealand Wool Rug
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New Zealand Wool Rug

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The rug is made from thick New Zealand wool and weaved in a curvy pattern, that creates a smooth, soft feel and touch.  The natural material of wool is known for its durability, insulation, and breathability, making it a great choice for your home.

The rug is woollen flat-weave rug made by hand and with 100% natural New Zealand wool. 


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New Zealand Rug

Flatweave rug

Handmade in Bhadohi, India

Care & Maintenance

General cleaning.

In general,wool rugs only need to be vacuumed twice a month. However, if the rug gets a lot of foot traffic or if there are pets that reside indoors, the rug should be vacuumed more often. Deep cleaning a wool rug is only needed once a year—light spot cleaning can be done on an as-needed basis.

Shampoo your Wool Rug

From time to time a wool rug can benefit from a deep clean. This might be the case because it’s a favorite spot for the family pooch to lie and it’s become a little smelly, or there’s been a drink spilled onto it. 

Always use a shampoo recommended by the manufacturer or a product made for wool rugs. Alternatively, add a cupful of a gentle, non-biological laundry detergent to a bucket filled with cold water and mix.

Be sure to follow the rug manufacturer’s cleaning instructions, and always test a small area before going ahead. ‘This is the golden rule when cleaning a rug,’ says Lucy Searle. ‘Pick somewhere inconspicuous – I recommend a corner. You’re making sure that cleaning won’t be detrimental to the rug’s color.’

Wool can be highly absorbent so never overwet a wool rug when shampooing it. Just dampen a white microfiber cloth and work in the direction of the fibers, and dab gently – never scrub. You’ll have to spend extra time on any areas where there’s heavy soiling and you should rewet the cloth with your cleaning solution as necessary while avoiding getting the rug wet.

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Handmade Flat weave rug


Made from responsible sourced material

Our newest addition, New Zealand Wool, is renowned for its extraordinary softness and thickness. This rug is crafted with a robust thread in a fixed, open weave pattern that is resistant to wear and tear.

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A tree will be planted for each rug purchased.

As a furniture maker and company that utilises the natural resources our planet provides. We wish to give back more that we use. Which is why we've paired up with theGoodAPI and edenProjects.org to automatically donate one tree per purchase on our website.


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