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Pre-order Information

We opt to offer some of our newest products for pre-order at a discounted rate, often up to 40%. This strategy aids in financing the production of these items and allows us to gauge their potential demand. 

Pre-ordering involves a waiting period, and we provide a 40% discount as acknowledgment for your patience. 

Our goal is always to adhere to the estimated delivery timeline, yet it's crucial to acknowledge that delays can occur due to challenges in production, manufacturing, or transportation. We prioritize transparency from the outset, ensuring you understand that your pre-order investment contributes to the creation of a new product that will subsequently be manufactured and delivered to you.

The advantage of pre-ordering is twofold: customers benefit from a reduced price on emerging products, and we secure the necessary funds for production. This approach also supports sustainability by preventing overproduction. 

However, a potential drawback is the unpredictability of meeting the expected delivery schedule. To mitigate this, we offer the flexibility to cancel and receive a refund for your order at any time.

If you have more questions, feel free to ask our customer support.

How it works (Rugs)

Step 1. 

You place a pre-order with us. Payment is also done when order is placed.

Step 2. 

Depending on the product, some can be made in smaller batches and some has to be one big order from our side. 

Step 3.

When we receive the batches at our warehouse - they will be sorted and then shipped usually within 1-5 working days. We normally use GLS in Europe and they automatically select a pick-up point (if you've chosen this) or they will send to your home. You will have a normal refund policy as a regular purchase online.

We often collect the orders on the rugs and places a batch order with our manufacturer. To help reduce waiting time we also order a few more. 

Lamps: Lamps present a unique situation. For these, we must place a single, large order. This is why determining the exact completion time for such productions can be more challenging.

While you wait - you're welcome to ask our customer service about delivery times - and we'll try to get you our best estimate on your order.

How it works (Batch Production - Later payment)

Step 1. 

You place a pre-order with us.

Step 2. 

Each product has a set pre-order amount, we need to achieve in order to start production.

Step 3.

When we reach our goals - you will be sent email about pending payment and a timeline of production.

Step 4.

Once production finished it's shipped to our warehouse and once received we will ship out and provide tracking nr.