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As a manufacturing Interior design brand, we’re acutely aware of the environmental and socio-economic challenges that we need to own up to as a company. we believe deeply in taking responsibility about how we produce and who produces our products

“Sustainability” as a term has been used and misused so frequently over the past decade, that claiming you’re sustainable, isn’t specific enough. As a result, we would like to describe how MATIAS MOELLENBACH as a brand own up to our environmental responsibilities.

We currently manufacture our products in Denmark, Czech Republic, Hungary and China.

Two key areas that we’re especially focused on:


We only work with natural material that has a long lifespan.

Working mainly with glass and ceramic, our products has a very large lifespan. Which largely overweighs the energy being put into producing them.

We also make sure to transport by sea – thus avoiding polluting air traffic.

Equally all our glass is recyclable as well.


A huge thing for us. We want to make sure everyone working for us or in the factories producing our products work in a healthy work environment and aren’t breaking any laws.

We enforce this by making all our contractors sign a through “code of conduct”.

Secondly, and not to be underestimated, we don’t pressure our contractors. Contractors sometimes stretch themselves and their employees unmorally much to meet the demands of clients. effectively making factory workers work 12+ hours a day, 6 days a week, In lure of extra wage. We don’t work that much, and neither should anyone else.